Ballade Royale Notes

Jezzie G

A variant of the Ballade, the Ballade Royal uses rhyme royal stanzas with four full stanzas rather than a half-stanza envoi. It is usually written in seven-line stanzas of iambic pentameter or decasyllabic lines with the final line of the first stanza forming the refrain line.

Rhyme scheme: ababbcC ababbcC ababbcC ababbcC


I am Freedom by Jez Farmer

I am who I am, but I don’t know why
Rider on the path of life as it goes
A watcher of stars observing the sky
The day-dreamer taking another doze
A dying breath held in a silent sigh
Felt by so many yet nobody knows
Unconditional, unrequited; I am love

The flame beckoning romance to come by
To dance in the flames while burning the toes
For now or forever let time simply fly
For the time is mine as it comes and goes
The briefest glance held in forever’s…

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