The Poet's Garret

Since my early days as a writer, I have been using The Poet’s Garret as a much-valued resource of both form and inspiration. I have come to know its creator and host Terry Clitheroe as both a gentleman, a friend, a poet and a rock of support during some rather tough times in my life. It seems only fitting to offer my thanks to this fine Aussie-Brit in the form of our mutual creative and artistic passion – poetry.

Terry, you have so often inspired me to think out of my dark box and take leaps into different genres. To me, you will always be the King of Sook who captures love in all its wondrous glory and deepest pains, a Master of Darkness that has chilled even my bones, and true defender of nature in your writes that capture the world around us. Thank you for all you have given me and still do.

Now our forum has been rude and made access difficult if not totally impossible I have made this site so I can still write the Garret forms and answer your challenges.

Love ya Bro



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