Hells Wreath

Photo by Dima Valkov on Pexels.com

Hells Wreath
Form: Sicilian Septet

Bewitching spells that preyed upon my mind,
a mind enslaved and sold for vengeful creed.
A creed of hate with no remorse to unwind
the curses wound in blood so they may feed.
I'm fed with sin, to fate I am resigned,
resign my life in sacrificial deed,
a deed of covenant where vampires bleed.
No blood red rose shall mark the place I lie
I'm laid in this unconsecrated ground.
A groundless penance yet still I must die
as death awaits the kill of his hellhound
The snarling hounds deafen my helpless cry
my crying heart recoils to freedom found,
I find my soul, released from earth, can fly


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