Linguistic Lunacy (in phonetics)

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Linguistic Lunacy (in phonetics)
Form: Couplets

Hwen rhayting pohitree thingk uhv feet
hou wurdz ahr hurd shood bild ey stedee beet.

in dikshun lahys ey reguhl ahrt uhv wurd
buht ritn doun this wey it lookz abzurd.

Iz this thee wey uhv wurdz thuht leyz uhhed
hwen thingz ahr rit lahyk they shood bee sed.

Wil vurbz bee lawst in pahst uhnd fyoocher tuns
hwen pohitree bikuhmz kuhmpleet nonsuhns.


When writing poetry think with feet
how words are heard should build a steady beat

In diction lies a regal art with word
but written down this way it looks absurd

is this the way with words that lays ahead
when things are writ like they should be said

will verbs be lost in past and future tense
when poetry becomes complete nonsense



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