Form: Sonnetina Tre

Saying goodbye, certain their words were true,
Old vows would be whispered in faith and hope,
Her reality, true self, beyond their scope
The passages of life, her only clue.
Their pride reflected in brilliant white
The meringue covered legs that longed for jeans
As oaths soon replaced the what-might-have-been's.
Youthful fear took over the wedding night.
Without a question or wondering why,
Another girl lost to living a lie
The casual encounters, where lay her solace
Comforting words shared over coffee cup,
Or walking through park lands with child and pup.
She was hidden behind her secret face;
The smile that never showed her inner pain
Until her heart had nothing left to gain,
Her eyes no longer feared the angry fist,
For war was raging within her own soul.
The desperate need to be: to be whole
To be free of swirling falsified mist
Dispassionate voices revealed her crime;
Declaring her destiny for all time.
No more truth lies hidden behind a mask,
The discarded robes that were once her vows
Lie undisturbed wherever her soul shows.
Softened words no longer afraid to ask,
Demanding truth while taking chances bold,
Revelling in every beautiful thing,
Inciting a heart to heavenly sing:
That love shall never be left in the cold


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