Hyper Sonnet Notes

Jezzie G

Created by: Marnie Kanarek
Structure: Four triplets and a couplet
Meter: varied meter
Rhyme scheme: axa axa xaa xaa aa
Extra Notes: A chain of four tercets where
the first line is iambic pentameter,
second line is iambic tetrameter,
and third line is iambic trimeter,
and ending with an iambic pentameter couplet


It’s Our Fault by Jez Farmer

Only the ancient ones recall clear skies
And the fluffy white clouds that drift
Slowly on breezy sighs
But to their sad voices we pay no heed
And their tears flow to no avail
In a world ruled by greed
In our consumption polluting our home
With capitalism’s vile poison
Clouds have nowhere to roam
In a world where things mean more than the soul
Of our children’s future and lives
Should we recall our role
When looking for someone to carry blame
Look in a mirror and say your own…

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