Lazy Day Sonnet Notes

Jezzie G

Created by: Rebecca Kerr
Structure: Quatorzain
Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Schema: aabbccdddeeeff


Lazy Day Love by Jez Farmer

A cautious heart treads the path of love slow
With doubts floating freely on the air flow
And trust a distant hope far out of reach
Scepticism a rough and pebbled beach
Without the soft sand that so gently leads
The soul away from a past of misdeeds
For past loves have dispersed amid the dust
Whilst turning my dreams to flakes of rust
All that’s left the burning rage of mistrust
To her my heart is just another game
As once again she dares call out my name
But I know it will never be the same
I’ll give her my heart; I’ll give her my all
But this time I won’t be taking the fall

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