Just One Kiss

Form: Novelinee

My craved eyes caress the curve of your lips,
so softly inviting whispered treasure,
passion's hoarded wealth at my fingertips
and exquisite thoughts of untold pleasure.
Your moist lips like flushed carmine perianth
crushed by my desire for your sublime heat,
as I enter the sweetest labyrinth,
at love's first kiss our lustful pulses meet,
where sultry forces are passion's retreat.
The tempting sample with sweet fiery taste,
the melted honey suckled from my core,
just one kiss left my arrant soul unchaste,
and weakened genu shuddered to the floor.
Galvanic thrills trace interwoven nerves
incite senses of volcanic eruptions,
as simple passion takes an urgent verve,
beneath your lips of carnal seduction,
desire commands erotic instruction.
The sensual realms where winged angels fly,
virulent needs submerge sagacity,
in raging tides of a climatic sigh,
our passion burns beyond capacity.
In the darkness of the lonely night
one divine kiss I can never forget,
as in dreams my love's dues come into sight,
in memories that linger on and yet,
when morning comes one kiss settles the debt
Photo by Hoang Loc on Pexels.com


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