Triple Moon

Triple Moon
Form: Trijan Refrain

Oh Maiden Moon, who gave my eyes,
in visions of a child,
the innocently whispered sighs
to keep my temper mild.
With waxing love, I saw you grow
the Goddess maid, of all I know,
with waxing love,
with waxing love,
a world of light you gently show.
Oh Mother Moon, who took my hand
and nurtured in my soul
the will to work and understand
in ways of old, I’m whole.
Oh blesséd Moon of perfect grace
within your light, I find my place,
Oh blesséd Moon,
Oh blesséd Moon,
with you, I stand in sacred space.
Oh Waning Moon, I’m blessed with age
your wisdom as my guide,
no words to tell upon the page
as mysteries confide.
Oh Lady Crone and queen of night,
advise my heart with ev’ry rite.
Oh Lady Crone,
Oh Lady Crone,
you fill my life with pure delight



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