Gwawdodyn Notes

Jezzie G

A Welsh form, the Gwawdodyn is composed of 4-line stanzas consisting of a 9/9/10/9 syllable pattern. Lines 1,2, and 4 end rhyme. Line 3 contains an internal rhyme with the end of line 3.


Note: The “b” rhyme in the middle of line 3 can be moved left or right as required.


Seagulls by JezzieG

Seagull cries over Cardigan Bay
Remembering all that fateful day
A spell cast by Dylan beneath the sea
Wave comes fast to steal away

Old man’s daughters taken out to sea
Dylan’s regretful deeds must then be
Returning to dad on a seagull’s wing
A man’s sad heart as now they fly free

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