Cento Notes

Jezzie G

The Cento is a poem comprised of lines and phrases from other previously written poems. This can be the poet’s own work, a specific poet, or a combination of many poets.


Romancing with the Romantics by JezzieG

Beloved, speak to me again of love
tell me again
where fountains mingle with streams
and the winds of heaven mix
with sweet emotion
again tell me your philosophy
with images of kissings of the moon and sea
as with your divine words
you again kiss me

Beloved, dress me as your doll
cosset and dangle me in modern love
let your soldiers play with the hearts of my queens
hold me without reason or justification
in the sweet agony of your love
as it melts beneath the beaver hats

Beloved, let me walk in your beauty
be the day to my night
one more time lead me to dance
to the…

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