Free Verse Notes

Jezzie G

As the title suggests there are no particular rules to writing Free verse, it is open to the interpretation of the poet. There are still line breaks placed at the poet’s discretion. However, the poet has plenty of poetic tools at their disposal, including assonance, consonance, metaphor, allusion, even rhyme and meter. Free Verse is completely freestyle


A Nod to the Greek Poets by Jez Farmer

Once more love’s kiss loosens my tongue
jiggling my senses as they clatter
in bittersweet torment
undeniable yet irritating
like an insect silently wandering over my skin
or a soft summer breeze disturbing the stillness of a chestnut tree

Your touch, so good that it makes my chest rise and fall
refreshed and cool but burning with desire
my own Aphrodite enchanting my mortality
like the moon beguiles the stars
with a decadent purity
and my ancient spirit rises again
as we dance…

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