Dark Mother

Dark Mother
Form: Quatrain

Oh Queen of night, thou art my dreams,
In dreams Lady of Death I see,
I see thy light to calm my screams,
My screams for thee to be with me.
The lily white of palest skin,
Inside my skin, my heart beats wild,
On wildest night I call thee in,
Deep within I become thy child.
Thy silver eyes reflect the moon,
The violet moon that haunts my soul,
O’er my soul marked by ancient rune,
This runic night my Queen shall stroll.
O Goddess of the dark divine
The divine flame that lights the night,
This night embrace my heart with thine
For thine is this, my sacred rite.
For thou art all before my eyes,
The eyes that trust your secrets shown,
Dark Mother show thy child the highs,
The wondrous highs before thy throne



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