Droigneach Notes

Jezzie G

An Irish poetic form, the Droigneach consists of quatrains. Each line is 9 to 13 syllables long but should remain consistent within the poem. Line 1 rhymes with line 3, and line 2 rhymes with line 4. Each couplet should contain an internal rhyme or other sound echoes. The final word of each line should be 3-syllables. The final syllable sound of the poem should rhyme with the first syllable sound of the poem.


Dychwelyd y Gwanwyn by Jez Farmer

The winter’s reign is receding
Just remnants in spring’s succession
Seasons turning and mischief misleading
The merriment in perennial progression

Pastel blushes as trees are blossoming
Behold the beauty, sweet and sensual
Senses echo with passions promising
Spiritual pairing within a Pagan’s Pentacle

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