Spenserian Sonnet Notes

Jezzie G

Named for Edmund Spenser
Structure: Three quatrains and a couplet
Meter: Pentameter or Decasyllabic
Rhyme Scheme: abab bcbc cdcd ee


Cherry Blossom by Jez Farmer

I see your face before my waiting eyes
How does my pen such beauty thus convey?
The cherry blossom floating in blue skies
Outdone, as smiles upon your lips now play
The summer sun is not bright enough to say
Reflections I see flicker on your face
No poet’s pen or artist’s paint can lay
The wonder seen in your elegant grace
And as the blossoms fall at gently pace
The same soft pink blush as I kiss your cheek
I ponder if you feel my heartbeat race
For the whispered words I can barely speak
Confirming love declared, my heart is thine
Another kiss now; and our souls entwine

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