Sonetto Rispetto Notes

Jezzie G

Structure: Octet and sestet
Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Rhyme Scheme: abababcc defdef


And All Because by Jez Farmer

The sweetest velvet in a tempting kiss
That coyly hides behind a crispy shell
Yet it beckons one’s heart beat to miss
For delight entices desire to swell
Can a friendship lead to better than this?
Is a single truffle enough to tell
What lies behind an odd poetic mind
Or reveal what Cadbury left behind?
Chocolate dreams that whirl across the sky
Say for the lady a sonnet be writ
In words that Galaxy cannot deny
The NaPoMo prompt was a tasty bit
And if you should be thinking how and why
Hey it is chocolate — and I love it!

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