Barzelletta Notes

Jezzie G

The Barzelletta is a quatrain composed of eight-syllable line couplets with a four-line refrain.. Originally written to be set to music and a suggested rhyme scheme:
aabb cddc eeff cddc gghh cddc and so on


First Day Back by Jez Farmer

In crocodile line we filed in
Summer’s gone and lessons begin
As chattering voices catch-up
With new pencils and shiny cup

Teacher calling out all our names
Before we head out to our class
First maths then French, across the grass
A cup of milk then P.E games

In mid-day heat it’s time for lunch
Tables of eight sitting to munch
Before heading to the bike shed
And a quick smoke for the street cred

Afternoon passes all too slow
Geography dragging the bell
Rushing home to the bed room cell
Pulling on jeans letting it go

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