Ballade Supreme Notes

Jezzie G

Similar to the Ballade, the Ballade is a longer poem with a slightly different rhyme scheme that accommodates the extra lines. It consists of three 10-line stanzas and a closing r-line envoi. Ideally written in iambic tetrameter or octosyllabic lines. The last line of the first stanza forms the refrain.

Rhyme scheme: ababbccdcD ababbccscD ababbccdcD ccdcD


The Lullaby by Jez Farmer

That babe in arms was you my son
All bathed and dried, ready for bed
The future of you just begun
I kissed my love upon your head
Wishing you joy where’re you tread
Through good and bad my love is true
But now you have sleeping to do
For my love you’ll always keep
A blessing from my soul to you
As I would sing you to your sleep

That playful child was you my son
Exploring life that lay ahead
Beneath your feet and summer sun

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