Nevada Sonnet Notes

About the Jez of It

Structure: Quatorzain
Meter: heptameter or 14-syllable lines
Rhyme scheme: Any or blank verse
Additional Notes: Consistent internal rhyme occurring at the same syllable in each line


Turning the Page by Jez Farmer

Wanton desire to find my pleasure in the comfy nook
Inhaling fiery delights hidden in the mystery
To then aspire to the intimate touch of true romance
Held at the wire a breath of poignant thinking and suspense
Questions requiring answers; turning of every page
My worlds conspired in the imagination of fiction
In realms of shires, hobbits standing against enormous odds
And Poirot sires the little grey cells into the action
Sherlock entirely eliminating the pains of life
Destiny fires the thinking, opening the mind again
Old dreams retiring to the past, a long lost dimension
Reader admiring the skill of the writer revealed in tales
That now inspire the pen of a poet lost to…

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