Celtic New Year

Celtic New Year
Form: Sestina

The year closes upon Samhain
As summer days come to an end,
The harvest field gathered in
While mystery dances in the flame,
A bard and lute pick a tune
To tell the old stories once again.
The Celtic folk have gathered again
Upon the eve of Samhain
They hear the old soulful tune
That says the hunter’s game must end
Amid the glowing Pagan Flame
As winter nights close in.
Deep memories, long held in
Revealed to the heart again,
In the dancing light of the flame,
The old souls called at Samhain
And like a dream that has no end
They dance once more to a midnight tune.
The heart that hearkens to the tune
And lets the spirit enter in
Shall know the circle of life shall never end
And all shall surely live again
As the Lady calls upon Samhain
For hers is the Pagan flame.
So cast an eye upon the burning flame
And listen to the mystery in its tune
For destiny reveals upon Samhain
If the seeing eye should look deeper in
Beyond the embers and again
To where the distant stars end.
And yet the night must surely end
As dawn quells the dying flame
Old souls depart to call again
When the bards play the ancient tune
As the harvest is gathered in
So Pagans dance on the night of Samhain.
On this night of Samhain, hearken to the Celtic tune
And dare the heart to look in, toward the burning flame
As the old souls call again so the year shall end.



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