Ae Freislighe Notes

Jezzie G

The Ae Freislighe (pronounced ‘ay freshly) is an Irish syllabic quatrain stanza form. Each line is seven syllables with lines one and three ending with a triple rhyme and two and four with a double rhyme. The entire poem should end as it began with a repetition (a dunadh) of the first syllable, word, phrase, line, or stanza.


Dragon’s Breath by Jez Farmer

Somewhere sings a lover’s song
Beneath sheets of velvet dreams
Fantasy and love gone wrong
Drowned in reality’s streams

Whispers left on a pillow
Words of longing and desire
Softly wept tears of willow
For the love of burning fire

When fluttering moans called out
Arousing fingertips touch
Caresses leaving no doubt
That lust is wanting too much

The kiss of fire, dragon’s breath
Licking flames where passion’s meet
Flames speak in love’s shibboleth
As voices cry in the heat

Desire feeding…

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