Rime Royal Notes

Jezzie G

The Rime Royal is a seven-line stanza, with each line consisting of ten syllables or iambic pentameter and a rhyme.

Rhyme Scheme: ababbcc


Invisible Hand by Jez farmer

I sought the sanctuary of her light
Within silver beams that caress the earth
She brings lost souls comfort throughout the night
As witches dance and sing with full moon mirth
But I was seeking another rebirth
The unseen gods that I could never see
Until I opened my eyes and saw me

My lord and hunter, the bringer of light
The invisible hand that drew me here
As you opened my eyes that darksome night
Addressing my doubts and courting my fear
Until the path ahead was bright and clear
When you felt my need that hidden desire
To dance with you amid the Beltane fire

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