Raven’s Rovi Sonnet Notes

About the Jez of It

Created by: Jez Farmer
Structure: Two septets
Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Rhyme Scheme: abacdcd (abcde)ee

The Rovi Sonnet was inspired by Ivor Hogg’s Ivorian sonnet form. As I like balance I have divided the sonnet into two septets the first being formed of a triplet and a quatrain, the second a quintain and a couplet. As Ivor set the Ivorian to consistent meter I will do the same here. As with the Ivorian sonnet the rhyme arrangement of the quintain can be in any order giving the following rhyme lay out

aba cdcd (abcde in any order) ee

As with the Ivorian sonnet the varying quintain gives a possible 120 different variations.

Example Creative Rhyme by Jez Farmer – using abcde quintain

A sonnet composed of fourteen rhyming lines
Expressing words of love, or other things
The restricted verse that nothing confines
As ink flows from the pen on to…

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