Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

Form: Sapphic Stanza

The noisy outside world is the only sound
that disturbs the silence of our passion
yet even that fades into fragrant symphonies
as my lips taste yours.
I think we made love from that first cautious breath
across the chitter-chatter of crowded rooms,
not publicly or physically, of course
just our eyes caress.
That moment of intimate fusion intent
within a glance of unlimited sweet longing
drowning the chaos of reality as love
beckons the first time.
Inhaling time as it stood still in essence
of orchids kindle my desire for your French,
leaving my tongue dry by moistening lips
hunger for heaven.
Atmospherics of sexual tension build
splitting and cracking like lightning across air
yet still I am frozen with a glass in hand
daring you to stare.
Fully clothed your eyes make me vulnerable
open to scrutiny without restriction
yet embraced in a warmth of courted desire
long hidden inside.
In those precious seconds from when eyes first meet
to when your lips touched mine we travelled so far
between cautious shy utterances of thought
to lovers' delight


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