Byr A Thoddaid Notes

About the Jez of It

The Byr a Thoddaid is a quatrain stanza. Each quatrain is divided into two combined couplets.
One couplet consists of two eight-syllable lines with an end rhyme. The other couplet consists of a ten-syllable line followed by a six-syllable line. The ten-syllable line has a rhyme near the end of the line which alliterates, rhymes, consonance with the last word of the six-syllable line
The couplets can appear in either order within the quatrain




Year and a Day by Jez Farmer

And the seasons turn, fading bloom
With vibrant colours amid gloom
From spiralling autumn days winter comes
To numb the sun’s last rays

With icy winds kissing the face
Long nights short days gathering pace
Until the midwinter’s night calls to spring
To sing rebirth’s delight

When daffodils take time to bask
In the warmth behind the sun’s mask

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