From Yesterday Comes a New Day

From Yesterday Comes a New Day
Form: Pentastich
Theme: Autumn
Subject: Growing older

Yesterday the sun was in the sky
And winter’s snow seemed a distant dream
While watching the birds flying high
Their melodies floating on the air
But that was yesterday
Now the skies have turned to grey
And the air brings a chilly bite
There no birds they have flown away
As the trees turn to gold
The summer sun was yesterday
In October winds the earth has lost her glow
As if she is growing old like me
Yet like a child I try
To catch the falling leaf on steamy breath
Reminding me yesterday cannot be relived
And tomorrow winter comes in shrouds of death
As the tears of age flow down the cheek
I remember from death comes new life
And on the longest night
The sun is reborn, tomorrow.


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