Mirrored 18-Line Sonnet Notes

About the Jez of It

Structure: Octet, couplet and octet
Meter: decasyllabic or pentameter
Rhyme scheme: abbaabba cc abbaabba


Ancient Drum by Jez Farmer

Across the savannah echo ancient drum
The spirit of nature dancing on grass
Yet mankind comes invading en masse
He’s taking her beauty and still He come
Across the plains where the dry grasses hum
Will this invader e’er run out of gas?
To the planet He’s a pain in the ass
But the goddess stays calm she isn’t dumb.
Beneath her beauty roars the wildest beast
Volcanoes, earthquakes when expected least
Mankind must learn that the Earth isn’t dumb
With her spirit she can and will kick ass
Yet still He burns far too much coal and gas
To make his machines throb a poison hum
He’s leaving no place for children to come
To see Earth’s beauty that once grew en masse
When nothing is left, not even…

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