Abecedarium Notes

Jezzie G

Commonly used as didactic poems or children, such as A is for Apple,…, the Abecedarium is a poem with words or stanzas beginning with successive letters of the alphabet.


As Easy as ABC b Jez Farmer

Arouse the senses,
Breath meeting quivering lips,
Craving mouth-watering moments;
Delirium found in lust’s first kiss.

Eagerly tongues caress,
Foment inner dilatation,
Grasping short breaths of pleasure.

Hot-blooded possession offered in want,
Impassioned sensations betwixt lip and skin,
Juices rising with heated need,
Kisses devouring hardened peaks,
Linger exposing lascivious intent,
Melting resistance to pleasure’s request.

Nimble fingers explore sexual heat,
Overwhelming euphoria between silken thighs,
Plundering the fruits of sensual delight.

Quickened pulses unite in lustful enchantment,
Ripe piquant sweetness,
Surrendered with gasping cries,
Teasing the torrents to explode,
Unbridled passion freed by desire.

Volatile senses quaking,
Wanting just one more touch,
X-rated intentions serenade
Yearning stimulation of fire.
Zest scented liaisons…

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