Abbreviated Haiku Notes

Jezzie G

Abbreviated Haiku I

Of Japanese origin this abbreviated haiku has the feel of a haiku in two lines, the first of ten syllables and the second of two. Whilst a reference to nature is not mandatory it is encouraged.



Lost Inside by Jez Farmer

to reach outside from within
the box

that holds me trapped inside walls
of thought

beneath the rocks of despair
and fear

that fear chaining my heart down
held fast

hidden behind the past hurts
and tears

tears I have refused to cry
but now

I weep all those unshed tears

the walls around this old box
too thick

for love to reach my heart to
touch me

Abbreviated Haiku II

This Abbreviated haiku is using the less than typical 5/7/5 syllables with a structure of 3/5/3 or even 2/3/2. The concept is to capture the sparseness of the haiku as…

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