Dreams of Delphi

Dreams of Delphi
Form: Redondilla

As streams of colour flow and dance
they blend and change to form a new,
in visionary's scented hue
the cosmic force portends romance.
A rainbowed heart in balance sought
in gifts of love to share with one
the choice can oft be tense and fraught
but follow the heart and see the sun.
Deserted sands of loveless nights
no shelter from the blue-tinged lights
yet eyes are drawn to craggy peaks
for beauty's smile, a heart still seeks.
When fear denies the passions roar
crystalline dreams reflect the truth
in drifting thoughts recapturing youth
a caged eagle still yearns to soar.
The auras sing in ancient rhyme
pulsating beat, a rhythmic call,
there are no barriers in time
and love will come and take it all.
We can defy destiny's way
and walk alone another day
as passions flare and poets dream
we lose our will and self-esteem.
Harmony comes to those who wait
and follow nature's loving hand
accept the path that she has planned
it's in her kiss, we'll seal our fate.
If eyes could see a lover's heart
and read the feelings found therein
from destiny they'd ne'er depart
for love in truth is never sin.
For love the greatest mystery
divinity's gift but never free
the path of life that can be found
when hearts are true and love's abound.
The journey taken ours to choose
our destiny is ours alone
it is a pathway set in stone
in ways of truth we cannot lose.


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