Sijo Notes

About the Jez of It

Korea is not usually recognised for poetry; however the Korean form the Sijo is possibly more suited for Western poets than the Japanese Haiku. Similar to the Haiku the Sijo is a three line poem, but there any similarities end. The Sijo can have any number of stanzas to create ballads and lyric poems. It can also contain metaphor and other similar poetic devices.

The Traditional Sijo

Traditionally the Sijo consists of approximately 44 syllables consisting of four phrase groups per line, normally in the following structure

3 4 3 4
3 4 3 4
3 6 4 3


Sijo Form

Sijo poetry, a Korean form, it only needs three simple lines
The first line makes a statement and this one a counter claim
but this one, it elaborates, and creates a paradox.

Modern Sijo

Modern Sijo has seen an easing of the syllable count of the phase groups…

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