Sicilian Octave Notes

Jezzie G

Another Italian form popular with sonneteers is the Sicilian Octave. Originally it would have had no set meter, although iambic pentameter is currently popular. The octave has the following rhyme scheme:



Nightingale by Ryter Roethicle

I am a nightingale and a singer of the truth
This flower is my symbol and my love.
Each night I sing my praises to her youth
With the coming of dusk I replace her dove.
Lovers walk in dreams listening to my sooth
My songs, and speak of what they dream of.
They know my song will make love smooth
As their dreams and plans forwards move.

But at the end of night I see the dawn and know
The Gods love us and reward us with fresh hope.
I will sleep now, heavenwards my dreams will go
Know what will happen is well within my scope
Fortunately I can sleep whilst…

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