Cicada Waltzes

Form: Pentastich

As the sun rises, animals and trees
Rejoice the season of life
Deer are dancing in the forest glade
To cicada waltzes played in the meadowland
And the tawny owl hides in the viridian leaves.
Rainbows of colour ripple in rivers
Trout and salmon, swimming upstream
In celebration of the summer,
In celebration of living,
In love.
Yet one place remains dark,
Encased in frosted ice and snow,
A gnarled oak tree with no song to sing,
Excluded from the sun's living rays,
A place untouched by love.
Steely eyes staring from the darkness
Seeing nothing but wars of sorrow,
Yielding to the fates of destruction
A gateway to nothing:
Where I end my days


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