Sestet Couplets Notes

About the Jez of It

The grouping of couplets is well documented in poetry, and, if using them, Heroic couplets are written in iambic pentameter. However there is no set meter for Sestet couplets. The rhyme scheme is
Aabbcc ddeeff and so on


A Celtic Prayer Divina Collins

Deep in the heart of the Welsh mountains
A chapel of worship that still maintains
In congregation of an old Celtic descent
Followers of the faith may never repent
Strict upon stature of those bygone laws
Quaint the beams that served the cause.

So silence remains the old hymnal chants
Of ancient choirs that only echo descants
No prayers ever to be heard in the pews
Nor disaster of minors within bad news
That may remain as silent within grief
Shall comfort much too late for relief.

There sits the chapel with silent tears
Lost within time much too late for fears
That faded within this…

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