Blessed Samhain

Form: Novelinee

As darkness draws the sacred veil of night
and autumn wraps her cloak of vibrant leaves
the spirit world is closer to the light
as the dead gather in the autumn's sleeves.
The dark mother in all her glory stands
as autumn's beauty lifts our beating hearts
and like a spear of crimson blood commands
the fading Sun in farewell must depart,
as cold of winter pierces like a dart.
The sun recedes from over land and sea
to dwell in sacred realms of darkest death
and o'er the dreaming river where she be
to feel the gentle kiss of Lilith’s breath.
We seek the seed of life within our souls
Demeter's sacred mystery revealed,
to search the kernels where the darkness strolls
to bear the Child of Light, she's now concealed
in autumn's leaves and winter's snow dressed fields


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