Rubliw Notes

About the Jez of It

Developed from the Cinquain by Richard Wilbur, the Rubliw is usually a message to a person, a group, or mankind. Usually iambic, it starts with monometer, each lime increasing by a foot until the fifth line in pentameter. The lines then decrease by a foot each time until the closing line in monometer.


Birds by Terry Clitheroe

All birds
Of a feather,
Do flock together always
They argue each and every dawn
Chirping loudly an unnerving symphony
Flying screaming in pompous streams
Waking you from your dreams
But are you angry

How can
One be angry?
It’s Nature waking you
Enjoy the day that is her way
Summer is a time of joy, so enjoy
The days are long, nights much shorter
Keep your Winters warmer
With memories
Of then

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