At’r Bachgennes chan Caerdydd

Form: Mathnawi

There is a picture that lingers inside my mind,
Like a fingerprint that someone left behind.
I see it in the dawn of the morning light
And through the day ‘til I fall asleep at night.
It is the face that set my heart to a fire
In those wanton flames that called upon desire.
My racing pulse that missed a beat, yet I wait
As words fall and fears begin to dissipate.
Inviting joy to touch me where I have lain
Beneath stars I whisper her name once again
Through the long night I seek a different place
As beauty is only found within her face.
And while I hold her from deep within my heart
No time or distance can dare keep us apart.
Although we both may feel loneliness and loss
We both know it’s just one bridge we have to cross
Photo by Balazs Bezeczky on


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