Roundelay Notes

Jezzie G

A popular English form the Roundelay originates to the time of Chaucer. Consisting of any number of quatrains comprised over two couplets, the second couplet is the common rhyme within each stanza and the last line of that couplet is also a refrain.

This gives the following rhyme schema
aabB ccbB ddbB and so on.

Celtic Nightmare Divena Collins

Bleak was my outlook within castle walls
But heard voices that echo`s ghostly calls
So dark was the dungeon I could not see
I ran to the entrance but found no key

A violent storm blew through the dark night
Dank was the dungeon devoid of all light
Alone and frightened I was destined to be
I ran to the entrance but found no key.

I in my destiny felt a presence so near
Why in my dreams should I suffer fear
But Oh in my heart I wished I…

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