Kal’s First Fireburst Notes

Jezzie G

Created by Jose Rizal M Reyes
Structure: Three quatrains and a couplet
Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Schema: abcb bcdc cded de
Note: The third line in each stanza must have a feminine end-word


Owed to Judges by Lawrence R. Eberhart

Someone is tasked with being judge, of course
in any competition of the arts.
Most earn the right thru their displayed performance;
they know the subject and its many parts.
Ascension doesn’t come in fits and starts.
Good judges are not found by happenstance.
The choosers can’t be slouches (lest they’re wealthy
when finding talent’s just a game of chance.)
Ekphrastic work by poets should enhance
appreciation of the art they see
The poet’s not the judge of what’s been rendered
yet his interpretation talks to me.
So, judges I applaud you, don’t you see?
It’s challenging to have the final word

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