Jeffrey’s Sonnet Notes

About the Jez of It

Created by Scott J Alcorn
Structure: 2 sestets with a cross rhymed couplet (the cross rhyme is in the 2nd to 4th syllable in each of the two lines of the couplet). Also there is a cross rhyme in the first line of the 2nd sestet (between the 2nd to 4th syllable), tying the 1st sestet to the 2nd
Meter: Octosyllabic or tetrameter
Schema: aabccb, (b)ddeffe, (e)g (g)e


Miles Away by Scott J Alcorn

A thousand miles away- I hear,
your soft whispered voice so clear.
The gentle hush, of evening’s sigh-
Yet alas, you’re so far away.
My heart yearns and drifts where it may,
a longing I cannot deny.
So down I lie- night slowly falls
and in dreams I restlessly call.
Yet, you’re not there to hear the plea.
Oh, how my heart weeps in longing…
Pervasive, tangible, yearning…
You’re still a thousand miles from me.

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