Kindred Lives

Form: Ivorian Sonnets


Can this be love found in the depths of time
A gentle prelude in a poet's rhyme
Yet passion spoken in the ancient days
As mountains sprouted from beneath the earth
And shorelines felt the flow of ocean sways
The birth of love in a transcendent dream
The dawn of time breaking through solitude
And kindred souls joined the eternal scheme
Through lifetimes each the other's hearts pursued
In time and space their infinite love strays
And the knowledge of another intrudes
A distant bell tolling its searching chime
Spirits entwined from the original birth
Rejoined within the physical life-stream.


Kindred spirits ensued by tolling sound
Eternally they journeyed timelessness
Lessons learned to gain inner harmony
Paying their dues in eternity's vast
They parallel travelled along the way
Unmistakable essence from lives past
Earthly gravity anchored feet to ground
Moistened eyes of pure devotion at last
Inseparable couplet that's e'er bound
Tethered to lifetimes though never astray
Their wisdom granted astute consciousness
Such this kind of love that ne'er goes away
Nothing's happenstance and now they can be
Two spirits converged, united and free


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