Upon the Mat

Form: Envelope Stanzas

A gentle hum of rock -a -bye,
the thoughts that flow inside my mind,
relax they say, let go, unwind,
the words are there for you to find,
upon the mat, a silent sigh.
Inhale the world, let it mingle,
then breathing out, release the junk,
with closing eyes the mind sunk
to see another floating monk,
as aged limbs start to tingle.
And later thoughts shall jar to life,
as stabbing pains begin to creep,
between the smiling flowers, weep
as eyes open from peaceful sleep,
upon the mat, no words are rife.
So swap the pen for coffee pot,
rejuvenate an ancient heart,
then sneak upstairs to study art,
and leave the words where minds depart,
and pictures fill my vacant spot


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