Form: Envelope Couplets

He said 'Imagine' and we still fight for creed
Nothing has changed to ease man's evil greed
Too busy planning life for tomorrow
We miss the truth to embrace the sorrow
Forgetting words will hurt more than a deed
Another child ignored to live in need
The armies of war on the killing field
A brother's life; a defensive shield
As one more soul dies in ungodly shame
A suicide with no love to its name
While the ruling voices refuse to yield
As they keep their own bigotry concealed
With each day we repeat the words of hate
Impatient for wants unable to wait
But each night we dare to dream a new peace
And pray for the dying to now decrease
Yet peace begins inside the garden gate
Where we begin to control our own fate

John Lennon
9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980


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