Yuletide Sonnets

Form: Cyhydedd Fer Sonnets

As nights are growing longer now,
so turns the Wheel to hallowed bough.
For her glory and our delight,
our Mother Earth is dressed in white.
Across the sky the stars will creep
as God of Sun still rests in sleep.
A flaming bough upon the grate
with dance and song we celebrate.
On Yuletide night he shall return,
from depths of winter's cold sojourn.
Our thanks for peaceful blessings reel
as season's turn on Nature's wheel.
and all our hopes shall spring anew
as dawn descends across the view.
Prey gather here, and merry be,
for this our winter's jubilee.
In words and song of Yuletide night
we'll share our hearts in Solstice rite.
And tell the tales of those before
who turned the dark to light once more.
To ancient Celts we sing our song
amid the stones where they belong.
To end the night, to end the dark
rekindle spirits with a spark
and greet the dawn with joy and fun
the rebirth of the sacred Sun.
To tell this tale I made my vow
as nights are growing longer now.
Prey gather ye of ash and oak,
from woods of ancient Celtic folk,
who came with hope to bring good cheer,
on fleeting foot, from far and near.
They set the logs to altar fire,
a beacon light across the shire.
In words of love for friends and kin
the Yuletide feast can now begin.
So let our hearts and hands entwine
and share of food and winter wine.
Amid our merriment and mirth,
we mote for peace upon the Earth,
From ancient times to here and now
so turns the Wheel to hallowed bough
Prey gather here in circle round,
let their voices echo through ground,
as to the Horn’d Lord they sing,
to bring us light and bring us Spring.
Rejoice! The moonrise to the east.
Rejoice! Each man, child, and beast.
The flames of Yula growing high
they sing to Her, the Queen of sky.
Our Celtic ancestors of the Earth,
again they call the sun's rebirth.
The rhythmic beat, their dancing feet,
still echoes through our merry meet,
of lunar children in the night
for Her glory and our delight.
They stood, our Goddess in their eyes
Maiden, Mother and Crone of Wise.
And as a hush fell all around
a stillness in the night was found.
Maiden with holly in her hand
the source of life across our land.
Mother with child beneath the moon
a whisper of life coming soon.
And sapient Crone turned the wheel
so life may grow and we may heal.
In the silence they softly spoke
of Nature's ways and Celtic folk.
Of wintertime and darkest night
when Mother Earth is dressed in white.
I am Goddess, Maiden of night
a youthful future shining bright.
The bud that grows from planted seed
as icy winter nights recede.
And scented blossoms on the trees
that sough amid the vernal breeze.
As golden rays of springtime dawn
I am the hope of Earth reborn.
The wheel of life, make no mistake,
shall turn around as lands awake.
I am Goddess, Maiden of joy,
with light the darkness I destroy,
from mountains to the oceans deep
across the sky stars slowly creep.
I am Goddess, Mother of life,
with hope and peace where there is strife.
The chalice of life brings you cheer
as times of light are drawing near.
My swollen belly ripe with child
and eyes that shine gentle and mild.
I hold the Sun with in my soul
to feed your crops and fill your bowl.
I am Goddess, the Moon's gateway,
I bring the light for which you pray.
The power and brightest spark
but only seen whence it's dark.
Until the dawn does mark its keep
the God of Sun still rests in sleep.
I am the Goddess, old and wise
the Crone of truth, of Earth and skies.
Ancient wisdom answers your call
bringer of death, the end of all.
Within the whispered fears of night
I am the dark, I am the light.
And as tonight I turn the wheel
I bring you growth and motes to heal.
I am the Goddess of Nature's heart
henceforth the night shall soon depart
I call powers of burning flame,
mystic rites of sacred Athame.
The blessings of wisdom create,
a flaming bough upon the grate.
A festive night beneath the stars
and music drifts from folk guitars.
Voices recall an ancient time
with stories told in Celtic rhyme.
The warrior men, brave and strong
gather by the fire, a merry throng.
A blessing made where Yula stood,
they poured the wine upon the wood .
As silence fell among the ring,
there stepped out the Holly King.
His face was masked with leaves of green
as eyes of wonder watched the scene
This blessed night he'd consecrate,
with dance and song we celebrate.
He is the light the God of Sun
and over darkness He has won.
The life returned to leafless trees
and morning birds upon a breeze.
From antlered stag in forest glade
to man and child in this parade.
He is Her son reborn each Yule
as dawn presents its golden jewel.
We share the feast with song and dance
and watch the morning light advance.
From His autumnal sacrifice
through winter's winds of snow and ice
The Celtic folk set logs to burn
on Yuletide night, He shall return.
The time had come to cast the bough
upon the flames in sacred vow.
The Holly King gave the command
and on the flames, the log did land.
And with the early signs of dawn
they knew the Sun God to be born
With whispered chants, the flames grew higher
to skies above from the fire.
They kissed the stars and touched the moon
for warmth and light to return soon.
The gathered Celts marvel the sight
as dark once more returned to light.
So the wheel of life slowly turns
from depths of winter's cold sojourn.
The three stood, waiting for sunrise,
the living Goddess in their eyes,
They listened to the voices chant,
the words of rite, for them to grant
an end to winter's longest night,
as the Wheel turns towards the light.
They gazed on those that stood nearby,
the Celtic folk all gathered nigh.
And mid the smoke, they raised their hands
their voices sang of Her commands.
As light returned life to the world
and gentle rays of dawn unfurled.
The Celtic voices set the peel
with thanks for peaceful blessings reel.
The Celtic folk gazed to the east
as the Sun King came to their feast.
the radiance of gold touched them all
as He came to answer their call.
The light was bright, the sky was clear,
no more shall darkness hold their fear.
In early morning shades they knew
the blessings of the Wise were true.
And as the dawn, their hopes fulfilled
they knew that Nature would rebuild.
The white cold of Winter's power
had no hold as of dawn's hour
Old secrets of the Celts revealed
as season's turn on Nature's wheel.
So now, my Celtic story ends
'Tis time to say farewell, my friends.
Amid this circle made of stone
I stand once more but on my own.
And if you care to have regard
These words of mine, a humble bard.
Remember the Celts on Yule night
how their magic brought back the light
Their message to bring thoughts of peace,
once more, their power can release.
Therefore, darkness shall never last
as hope and love comes from the past.
Now I must bid you all adieu
as dawn descends across the view


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