When Mummy Got Sick

Form: 8 stanzas common measure

That dear man Jonathon Todd
Was tired by morning light
His children crying, mummy’s sick
Then they started to fight
Oh, children please go to your beds
Let daddy get some sleep
His dear wife just managed a smile
His tears began to weep
Dear wife of mine how do you cope
Our children drive me mad
Ben wants a cake and I can’t bake
And his face is so sad
My husband dear, listen to me
You don’t need to make cake
At the store, buy one, maybe two
They taste good and no bake
With Ben sorted what about Tess
She wants her friends to tea
With you so ill, I can’t do that
What do I do, tell me?
That is easy, simply say yes
And bring down her tea set
The teddies come, not much to make
Believe, but a safe bet
So, Jonathon Todd fell asleep
His wife sorted him out
The kids will be fine, he can rest
No need to scream nor shout
The next few days they all had fun
Mummy resting in bed
To echoes of their laughing love
Stress fading from her head
Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com


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