Form: 20 lines of blank verse

My dreams echoes and clues to destiny
Open the soul to paths truth and fate
The paths that wend through light then dark and back
But each tentative step a learning curve
As darkness falls with chilling drips of frost
That fall in cadence upon my goose-pimped skin
A harsh recall I am searching for this
And I bath in moonlight, her lovely light
In that moment of spiritual bliss
My heart and soul open to her blessings
And my body sways happy in her light
Until the hills lost in darkness and angst
Reach out to the golden rays so sunrise
I feel the push to converse with the gods
To share my hopes and listen to wisdom
Beyond my understanding, the treasure
They give me to guide me onwards, onwards
Through life in sparks of illumination
That glows before my eyes, and I wonder
How I didn’t know the starlight was mine


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