Just After Sunrise

Form: Bush Ballad Meter

Awakening my dressing gown wrapped mind with a morning tea
The day stretching out as I sit by the pond
And dawn rays dance over the surface the spring calls out to me
Ever slowly my thoughts begin to abscond
In the echoes of the waterfall’s cascading morning tune
And in my silence the ripples catch my eye
It seems so different to last night’s reflections of the moon
When the waves rolled slower as if in a sigh
Then I inhale the long breathing of Assam’s lingering scent
I look to my garden where daffodils nod
In polite greeting to shoots of jasmine making their ascent
And tulips as they’re breaking out from the clod
Then from the pond a golden red flash as nobody has asked
What the impatient ornamental koi want for their breakfast

©JG Farmer 2020

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