Silent Voice

Form: Ballad Stanzas

The shyest voice they never heard
Denied into silence
A life hidden behind closed eyes
Of pointless compliance

Until the first footsteps taken
Slow pace before they ran
From all their meaningless praying
That was when it began

A voice no longer staying silent
Speaking out against pain
Of suffering found in the streets
Of a world gone insane

I feel their rage, I see their hate
But my heart is now cold
I cannot forgive them no more
It’s no excuse being old

Their values aren’t the same as ours
As we shout equal rights
Moth-eaten sixties rebels cry
It’s our world, no invites

It is their world we must shut down
Let the old rage their hate
So let them rant and let them scream
We won’t care it’s too late

©JG Farmer 2019

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