She held my heart
Upon that warm September day
She held my heart
Amid the shades of autumn’s art
Where golden leaves could dance and play
I saw her smile the loving way
She held my heart

As seasons turn
And she remains forever mine
As seasons turn
The Samhain fires will come to burn
The year must end with love divine
I hold her now and share my wine
As seasons turn

©JG Farmer 2017
Form: Rondelet


  1. Brilliant! Actually, I just uploaded a ‘Rondelet’ of my own onto my blog. It’s linked below. I’d love it if you would read over it and leave me some tips on how to improve. With your incredible writing technique, I’m sure I can learn a lot from you. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a stunningly beautiful, melancholic poem and love that it finishes with the obligatory poetic glass of wine Raven! Thanks for sharing! I am a Creative Life Coach with a poetry blog and today’s post features Rondelets in case you have time to look?

    I am also on Instagram as #coachingcreatively, let’s follow each other if you use this medium? You can also find me on Facebook under Sam Allen wearing a bright red and orange hat!

    I love connecting with fellow creatives as you can see!

    Sunny greetings from Switzerland!

    Sam 🙂


    1. Hello Sam in Switzerland

      Many thanks for stopping by my blog. Rondelets are a fun form to write and read so I will pop over after writing this.

      I will think I have found your page on Facebook and have hit the likey button – that will show as Jeremy not Raven lol.

      blessings from a not so sunny UK


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